Your access to numerous types of airspace and flight zones


Visual Flight Zones

The UAS Centre of Excellence is located south of the Municipality of Alma, making it possible to concentrate flights in the southern sector and access a vast area to enjoy many flight options. This area allows the use of the runway.

Restricted Flight Zones (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)

Several restricted areas allow access to numerous types of flight profile and tests.

Access to Restricted Military Flight Zones

The National Defense (3 Wings Bagotville) has authorized the UAS Centre of Excellence to use its restricted flight zones, typically used for the Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft testing. These flight zones cover various altitudes, from 6000 up to 31 000 feet. Established many years ago, these zones offer access to secured restricted military flight zones, further from manned systems if required.

  • Flexible military flight zones
  • Low private and commercial traffic
  • Environnement covering a wide and diverse landscape
  • Environnement with diverse weather conditions, 4 seasons
  • Class F Airspace
  • Very low density population
  • More than 120,000 km² of airspace

Zones available for testing platforms and onboard systems with the collaboration of 3 Wing Bagotville, Transport Canada and Nav Canada.