Montreal swarm drones technology presented at Dubai international award

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Montreal swarm drones technology presented at Dubai international award

From left to right : Arnaud Dury, Guillaume Charland-Arcand, Abdo Shabah, Pascal Chiva-Bernard, Julien Deboise and Charles Brunelle


MONTREAL, February 3rd 2016 – Humanitas Solutions, a Montreal based technology company, produces a software solution which enhances humanitarian resource management in time of crisis. The drone management part of this software, HUMANIT3D SwarmNet, will be presented, from february 4th to february 6th, at the UAE Drones for Good Award event hosted in Dubai Internet City located in the United Arab Emirates.

The integration of HUMANIT3D SwarmNet with 3D Robotics Solo drones have been realized in collaboration with the ARA Robotique’s staff, a Montreal based drone technology experts firm. In order to highlight the technological potential brought by the usage of drones in humanitarian applications, the government of the United Arab Emirates will receive nine international semi-finalists selected between more than one thousand applications from 165 countries. The projects aim to find innovative solutions to today’s environmental, health and humanitarian domain problems.

HUMANIT3D is a complete technological ecosystem that enables first responder teams to structure their operations and share information quickly in order to maximize their efficiency during humanitarian crisis. The mobile application, which works online and offline, creates a local wireless network, decoupled of local telecommunication infrastructures for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of critical information and to improve the management of rescue missions.

The collaboration with ARA Robotique’s team allowed the integration of this ecosystem into drone technology, one of the main expertises of ARA Robotique. The HUMANIT3D application also provides advanced autonomous and swarming capabilities to off-the-shelf low-cost commercial drones to improve situational awareness in all the steps of an emergency response process  “Information has a crucial role in the effort organisation during crisis situation. Data collection, information visualisation and knowledge sharing become more complex in an emergency context or an unstable environment. We have developed HUMANIT3D technology to provide a new approach for temporary infrastructures rebuilding and emergency efforts planification.” explain Dr. Abdo Shabah, MD, M.Sc., MBA and project leader at Humanitas Solutions.

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Humanitas Solutions was founded in 2013 based on the identified needs of the first responders deployed after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake. Motivated by the latest public health problems and guided by many years of field experience, the humanitarian oriented company developed the HUMANIT3D ecosystem to improve geolocalized information acquisition and management in austere environments. Composed of a multidisciplinary team of researchers and experts, and working with university research groups, in particular the Université de Montréal, Humanitas Solutions is specialized in technological solutions that improve situational awareness in emergency responses in various sectors such as humanitarian work, civil security, private security and search and rescue.

ARA Robotique was founded in Montreal by three engineers passionate about aerospace and drones. It develops reliable technological solutions that are safe and adaptable to industrial needs. Thus allowing enterprises to precisely and safely operate drones while gathering high quality aerial data. ARA Robotique also provides research and development services for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technology. With its multidisciplinary expert team specialized in conception, integration and operation of manually piloted and fully autonomous UAS, ARA Robotique offers customized solutions adapted to client’s specific needs. ARA Robotique is a member of the UAS Centre of Excellence.

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