The CED unveils its new brand image

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The CED unveils its new brand image

Alma, MAY 8, 2019 – Eight years after its creation, the Unmanned Aerial System Centre of Excellence (CED) is acquiring a new brand image. This is a timely rebranding since the integration of the Qualia test centre and the niche of excellence on civil and commercial RPAS whose visual identities have also been redesigned in the process.

The new visual identity revolves around origami: “On the one hand, the CED is a group of members. The juxtaposition of the specialities of each of its members constitute the range of services and expertise offered through the Centre. On the other hand, the Centre of Excellence shapes the industry like an origami work. The folds of the new visual identity testify to the new versatility of the network as well as the services offered in support,explains CED’s marketing and administrative agent Michèle Pelletier. She adds that as it is the case in the drone industry development, none of the logo parts can exist on its own.

Over the years, the CED has acquired a reputation which is highly recognized in the industry. The creation of a niche of excellence on RPAS and the Qualia test site was a perfect moment to improve the Centre’s visual identity to make it more representative, said the CED’s General director Marc Moffatt. 

The CED team is also working on a new website which is expected to be online in a few months. The new website will allow a simpler access to information as well as bring to the fore the new branches of the CED, which are the designated RPAS flight zones (CYR), the Qualia test centre and the niche of excellence.

About the CED and its new branches

Created in 201, the CED puts in place an international centre offering service, expertise and competence development related to the civil and commercial drone sector on a domestic and international level.


The qualification site will help companies prove their expertise in order to obtain contracts from domestic and international clients. A QUALIA seal will assure the clients quality, safety and data precision. In real situations, qualification tests and audits will be performed as distinctive operational scenarios including specific infrastructures in order to reproduce real life environments.


The niche of excellence

The CED hosts the RPAS niche of excellence that includes the industrial, commercial, technical, scientific and governmental players of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region. The niche of excellence’s mission is to allow the industry to gain a strong and unified structure by putting in place initiatives favouring mobilization, growth and competitiveness in order to strengthen the industry in the long term.

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