Hovercam UAV innovates in the field of wind farms inspection

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Hovercam UAV innovates in the field of wind farms inspection

Some of Quebec wind farms are now using a new control method offered by Hovercam UAV in order to inspect their wind farms through imagery. In collaboration with Vent de l’Est, the company proposes inspection services carried out by drones and intends to execute visual inspection of wind mills across Canada and the United States.

Mr. Steven Fugere, VP Development at Vent de l’Est and first partner to benefit from Hovercam UAV services declares: « The established method pursues two main goals. The first one is to improve the workers safety, since no technician is required to climb on the structure in order to carry out the inspection. The second objective allows performing the inspection faster while preserving the quality of the services. Hovercam UAV proved us that the inspections are carried out much more quickly and safely compared to the conventional methods. The clients are now saving on operating costs and are able to put their wind mills back in service faster. »

« The number of wind mills to be inspected varies according to certain criteria such as winds or fogs. To this day, under optimal conditions and according to the type of inspection being carried out, we inspected up to 16 wind mills in one day, » declared Mr. Patrice Savard, VP Operations at Hovercam UAV.

In addition to offering unprecedented secure inspections, Hovercam UAV allows wind farm owners to optimize repair and maintenance and to save on substantial costs.

The drone inspection company performs a complete record of the blades in high-definition images. A thorough analysis of each of the imperfections is then made. The results are presented as inspection reports analyzing the different problems. In addition, customers have access to the inspection history and can visualize the evolution of their fleet across time.

The researches and tests which secured today’s successful methodology have been developed in collaboration with the wind TechnoCentre team.

From Dolbeau-Mistassini, the company established an office at the UAS Centre of Excellence in Alma, another in Maria, one in Saguenay at the Centre de géomatique du Québec as well as one in Quebec City. The company is active in the agriculture, forestry, industrial, energy and public safety fields. It also offers services of inspection of cell towers and power lines.

For more information, you can visit the website www.hovercam-uav.com or contact Mr. Savard on this toll free number: 1-877-352-6671.

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