Two new companies join the Unmanned Aerial System Centre of Excellence

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Alma, Québec – December 8th 2016: The leaders of the UAS Centre of Excellence are pleased to welcome 2 new companies among its members; Welcome to Drone HELIX and SparksDrone !

About SparksDrone…

Located at the UAS Centre of Excellence, SparkDrone offers aerial photography as well as videography services. The company provides UAV data collecting solutions, mapping & 3D modeling systems. Inspections, volumetry, artistic 3D reconstruction; these are all aspects used by SparksDrone to make its customers shine.

To learn more about SparksDrone and its services, please visit

Do you know Drone HELIX?

Drone HELIX offers services of high precision imagery, data treatment as well as adapted solutions to businesses working in the field of agricultural, forest, mining and institutional sectors.

The company uses UAVs and software at the cutting edge of technology. The team of Drone HELIX, formed by professionals in the field of forestry, engineering and safety, offers accessible, innovative and useful business solutions. The business of Drone HELIX is based on a spirit of partnership with professionals and research centres, in addition to focus on partnerships.

For additional information about Drone HELIX, go to

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