On top of its members, the UAS Centre of Excellence counts a large network of international partners, all involved in the development of the Centre. These companies and strategic partners are specialized in the following fields:

  • Research and Development
  • Ground/Flight Testing
  • Training
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance and operations

Host member

Aéroport d’Alma inc.

ADA_logo_final1 grand format
Member since 2011
Localization Alma, QC, CA
Related services Terminal, offices, 5000ft paved runway
Other services Airport, transport to the north
Website www.aeroportalma.com

The Alma Airport is located in the heart of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean area, at the center of the MRC Lac St-Jean Est. It is only 5 miles from downtown Alma. Our airport infrastructure is owned by the City of Alma and managed by a private corporation named ADA Inc. (Alma Airport Inc.). The airport has a modern terminal which was built in 2000. It houses our administrative offices, a large conference room and a waiting room for our customers. We offer side air, one track of 5000 feet long by 100 feet wide. The track is paved and fully equipped with cutting-edge technology for instrument flight. Many companies are located on the site of the Alma Airport, such as : The administrative offices of the Alma Airport, UAS Centre of Excellence, CAE, Flyterra, Hélicoptères Panorama, Panorama Aviation, Parachutes Horizon.

Institutional Members

Centre de géomatique du Québec

Member since April 2012
Localization Saguenay, QC, CA
Related services Expertise and equipment related to geomatics
Other services
Website http://www.cgq.qc.ca/

Affiliated to the Cégep de Chicoutimi, the Centre de géomatique du Québec (CGQ) is a non-profit parapublic organization member of the Trans-tech network owning the status of a College Center for Technology Transfer (CCTT). The mission of the CGQ is to be used as a lever for innovation and performance among its customers through the use and development of geomatics, which proves to be the best tool towards the optimization of management potential, planning and economic development of a specific region. The CGQ consists of a multidisciplinary team whose mandate is to assist organizations and public and private businesses in their geomatics activities.The CGQ’s approach enables its partners to benefit from a cutting-edge technology expertise, unique facilities in eastern Canada and personalized services.

Centre québécois de formation aéronautique

Member since October 2011
Localization Saguenay and St-Hubert, QC, CA
Related services Vocational training
Other services Airline, bush and helicopter training
Website www.cqfa.ca

CQFA has been involved with light UAV training and research since 2007. It offers throughout Canada a 130-hour Professional UAV Pilot Course covering theory and practical, in French and English. Participants come from both Americas and Europe to take this unique UAV pilot training. CQFA is Quebec’s unique public school offering aviation training. Founding member of Collegiate Aviation Canada, the CQFA is the only Canadian aviation college to offer three operational career paths : multi-engine instrument flights (airline pilot), seaplane (bush pilot) and helicopter. CQFA offers the only program recognized by Quebec’s Ministry of Education, allowing students to get a College diploma in addition to their pilot license. Since 1968, CQFA provides strong training, technical, and operational support to airlines of all sizes, airports, civil aviation agencies, and the UAV industry. CQFA is also active in Africa and China.

École de Technologie Supérieure

ETS logo
Member since October 2012
Localization Montréal, QC, CA
Related services Training and research
Other services Development and research projects in partnership with companies
Website www.etsmtl.ca

The École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is a constituent of the Université du Québec network. Specialized in applied teaching and research in engineering and in technology transfers, ÉTS trains engineers and researchers knowned for their practical and innovative approach. Since its establishment, ÉTS maintains a unique partnership with businesses and industries, both large and small. The École de Technologie Supérieure welcomes over 7000 students each year. Teachers hired at L’ÉTS must possess relevant work experience. ÉTS is the only engineering school in Quebec offering baccalaureate programs in engineering created specifically for college graduates in a technical training wishing to acquire a university degree. ¾ of its Research and Development projects is conducted in partnership with the industry. ÉTS hosts many Research Chairs in its facilities.

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC)

Member since December 2011
Localization Chicoutimi, QC, CA
Related services Training and research
Other services Research in partnership with businesses
Website  www.uqac.ca

As an institution of higher education, UQAC works in the three cycles of studies and is active in research and creation. In doing so, the University assumes a mission of transmission and dissemination of knowledge by providing various programs of studies aimed at students with various profiles and interested in an initial quality training added to continuous learning. By conducting high quality scientific activities in partnership with the community, UQAC dedicates considerable efforts to generate and preserve knowledge, thus contributing to researchers training. The University pursues its mission to develop critical thinking through its experts, the teachers. Their expertise related to UAVs includes thermal management and operability in extreme températures, test method development and evaluation of effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI and EMC), improved dynamic conditions and resistance of UAV systems.

Municipalité de St-Honoré

2016 logo_saint_honore¦ü_cmyk
Member since January 2012
Localization The municipality of Saint-Honoré is located between the Monts Valin massif and the Saguenay Fjord
Related services Airport
Other services
Website www.ville.sthonore.qc.ca

The city of Saint-Honoré was built at the feet of mount Valin, north of Saguenay and in the same administrative area than the UAS CE (Québec, Canada). Benefiting from an accelerated growth period on demographic, commercial and industrial levels, Saint-Honoré relies on a certified and controlled airport where many users operate aeronautical activities in numerous fields. Its strongest user, in terms of annual airborne movements, is the CQFA (Quebec Centre in Aeronautical Training, member as well of the UAS CE), the only public French school in pilot training in North America.

Collège d’Alma

Member since January 2012
Localization Alma, QC, CA
Related services Vocational training, agriculture
Other services
Website  www.collegealma.ca      www.agrinova.qc.ca

Located just steps away from downtown Alma, the College d’Alma welcomes nearly 1300 students from across Canada and abroad into the regular programs each year. Nearly 400 people register into the continuous training programs. The Collège offers a variety of programs, both in the pre-university and technical sector, sometimes in combination with other institutions of the collegial network. In July 1996, the College set up Agrinova, a College Center for Technology Transfer in agriculture. The mandate entrusted by the Collège d’Alma to Agrinova is to operate the CCTT agriculture license granted by the Government of Quebec, in addition to managing the research and training Farm of the Collège. Agrinova’ second mandate is to assist companies in their process of innovation through technical support applied research and training programs. The Collège d’Alma also hosts a department of personalized training, Expertis Formation Continue, which offers a range of services in skills development. Expertis offers attestations of collegial studies, validation of learned skills as well as many services to businesses.

National Research Council Canada

Member since January 2018
Localization Ottawa, ON, CA
Related services R&D and new technologies
Other services Development support
Website http://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/

The National Research Council (NRC) is the Government of Canada’s premier research organization supporting industrial innovation, the advancement of knowledge and technology development, and fulfilling government mandates. NRC runs a comprehensive R&D program for the advancement, verification and adoption of UAS technologies in Canada.

Private Members


Member since April 2013
Localization Alma and Montreal, QC, CA and New York, USA
Related services UAV distribution and aerial shooting
Other services Solutions tailored to mining, gas, oil and agriculture
Website www.microdrones.com

Microdrones provides data entry and aerial photos on potential or current extraction sites (Aerial photographs and mosaics of pictures, 3D modeling of potential extraction sites, measurements of aggregates piles, production monitoring, etc. Microdrones acts as a distributor developing partnerships with European and North American manufacturers to offer a wide selection of RPAS useful in diverse industries, as well as operator: using RPAS to provide solutions, ensure surveillance and provide data and images to clients from various industries (mining, oil, agriculture, informative, geographical, etc.).

Spectral Aviation

logoSA (5)
Member since February 2014
Localization Quebec, QC, CA
Related services Training and consulting services
Other services
Website spectralaviation.com

Managed by a team adding up more than 30 years of experience in the field of the commercial aviation, Spectral Aviation specializes in the areas of training and consulting services. The broad range of services offered by the company allows, to everyone wishing to offer aerial drone services, a safe integration of their operation in the Canadian airspace. Those services range from the training of the employees involved in the air operations to the development of the structures and procedures to obtain the certification required by Transport Canada.

Sightline innovation

Member since June 2013
Localization Toronto, ON, CA
Related services IT and information management
Other services
Website www.sightlineinnovation.com

Sightline Innovation Inc., a Toronto-based technology services company, develops advanced technical solutions for the manufacturing, supply chain, and retail industries. The company has standing research and development partnerships with leading colleges and universities, backed by expertise with advanced technologies in the areas of computer vision, machine learning, field programmable gate arrays, DSP, real-time kernel programming, PLC integration, IBM iSeries, POS systems, etc. Sightline Innovation specializes in real-time imagery distribution and information management to support operational decision-making. Sightline developed the VtiS platform, designed toimprove the overall situation analysis through synthetic vision, integration of sensors and systems interoperability. The company currently works on a project to collect data via satellite and process it over to mobile devices.

Explorer Solutions

Member since September 2015
Localization Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC, CA
Related services Consulting services
Other services Market studies, investment attraction and marketing
Website www.explorersolutions.ca

Explorer Solutions is a leading airport planning and development consulting company with a proven track record and unmatched experience in aviation, aerospace, and economic development. They are one of the most innovative firms with unique capabilities in strategic positioning of airports, market studies and research, investment attraction and marketing. Their experienced consultants, backed by a team of seasoned professionals, are committed to provide you with sound advice and effective solutions in achieving your goals. Explorer Solutions is the consulting firm who has developed the implementation of the Unmanned Aerial Systems Centre of Excellence in Alma and the Northern Michigan Unmanned Aerial System Center in Alpena (Mi). The professional team continuously monitors emerging trends and maintains permanent business intelligence in the North American industry and international markets. Their network of contacts can make a difference and support the integration and growth of your business in the UAV market.


Member since March 2015
Localization Alma, QC, CA
Related services Aerial 4k video, pictures and corporate videos
Other services Web, video editing, graphic design, marketing strategy, etc.
Website www.eckinox.ca

Eckinox is more than a communication agency, it is a complete range of essential services for business: image design, brand image design, graphics, marketing strategy, web site development, software and applications, copywriting, making and shooting video: in short, Eckinox is always one step ahead on industry standards and trends. True to this philosophy, Eckinox extends its range of services with spectacular aerial views taken by unmanned aerial vehicle for video production and corporate photography.

ARA Robotique

Member since April 2017
Localization Monreal, QC, CA
Related services Autopilot Manufacture
Other services Consulting services
Website www.ara-uas.com

ARA Robotics is a Montreal-based company which develops an innovative, reliable, easy to use, robust and safe UAV autopilot for industrial and commercial applications. This is achieved by applying new innovative research developed by the founders and their associated research partners in the field of modern aircraft control and state estimation. The company also offers turnkey solutions which involve the development of specialized drone systems to offer various functionalities for its customers and thus adapting the systems to their individual needs. ARA Robotics employs a team of experts specialized in robotics, aerial navigation and control dedicated to the conception and commercialization of the SKYMATE autopilot. The company is a key factor in the development of drone systems in collaboration with many Canadian Universities and companies.

Conseiller forestier Roy

Member since November 2017
Localization Saguenay, QC
Related services Territory management and planning
Other services Control of insects, vegetation and spreading
Website www.cfroy.com

Conseiller forestier Roy is a specialized services company dealing with land use planning and management. The company stands out in the light UAV industry with its specialized professional imaging services and its seed and pesticide application solutions through granular and liquid formulations. The company focuses on the research and development of specialized applications for light drones.

Corriveau J.L.

Member since February 2018
Localization Val d’Or, QC
Related services Surveying and geometry
Other services Numeric mapping and Research and Industry Mining
Website www.corriveaujl.com

Corriveau J.L. and Ass. Inc. is a firm specializing in everything that is measurable in the following areas: land surveying, precision survey, construction surveying, deformation control, photogrammetry, geodesy, digital mapping, GIS, digitization, GPS, mining and quarry surveying, exploration, bathymetry, borehole deviation, 3D laser scanning, flooded cavity by sonar measurements and UAV surveys.

The company owns several types of drones, including a UAS plane for cartographic surveys. It also has 3 quadcopters specialized in different fields. The 1st one is used to make water sample collection, the 2nd for the internal inspection of factories, bridges, exterior buildings and various underground structures. The 3rd one is mainly used to map small piece of lands related to different areas of earth sciences. In addition to these specialties are the production of residential, commercial and recreational photos and videos.

EXO Tactik

Member since May 2018
Localization Montreal and Quebec City
Related services Air support services specialized in public safety
Other services Drone flights, transmission, imaging and communication
Website www.exotactik.com

EXO Tactik offers air support services specialized in public safety. Its specialized crews work alongside public, municipal and private emergency services in their missions. The company also developed capturing expertise for utilities and environmental researchers. EXO Tactik’s UAVs, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, capture and broadcast live audiovisual and technical data, while working with specific procedures ensuring the security and confidentiality of the data collected. Many other capabilities related to aerial recordings are also part of the EXO Tactik service offer: drone flights, transmission, imaging and communications.