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The forum

The UAS CE offers a private forum on which the members can exchange on projects.


Thinking about joining the UAS CE?

Our members enjoy lots of benefits, including:

  • Being part of an internationally recognized network;
  • Benefit from complete facilities, including a new controlled certified goods building, a ground control station, etc.;
  • Receive substantial political weight and recognition in the industry;
  • Spaces for testing in flight and on the ground at low cost;
  • R&D project support;
  • Get access to a network of specialized technical individuals;
  • Support and cooperation from Transport Canada; Nav Canada and 3 Wing Bagotville;
  • Privileged network composed of companies and organizations that wish to develop the market;
  • Accessible network of partners to cooperate or start projects;
  • Be part of the development of the International Consortium for Aerospace Testing Sites (ICATS);
  • Be part of the UAS CE development with your presence at the general meetings;
  • Benefit from a decision-making power in the organization through participation in the Board of Directors;
  • Technical support available at all times;
  • Development of an aviation park;
  • Network of partners available for funding;
  • Developing a technology roadmap;
  • Establishment of a technology incubator for start-ups;
  • Establishment of exclusive flight zones for UAV operations


  • Logo and description of your business at the UAS CE Building;
  • Political representation by the UAS CE;
  • Representation by the UAS CE in working sessions with government authorities to advance the regulations concerning civil and commercial UAVs;
  • Fairs and forums;
  • Ministerial meetings;
  • Visibility to researchers and potential customers;
  • Special UAV flight demonstration activities;
  • Corporate agreements: Oklahoma, Michigan, Bordeaux Technowest, etc.;
  • Exclusive job offers for members;


  • Your logo and your URL on the UAS CE website;
  • Social network visibility;
  • Private web forum;
  • Newsletter participation;
  • Displaying your job offers;
  • and much more!

Member categories

Our members are grouped inside 4 categories :

Host member

The host is a member or a legal person which owns or manages the Alma Airport and facilities.

Private member

Is a private member any person or entity to whom the board has granted this status, carrying on an activity or carries on business in the private sector and is likely to use the services of the corporation or become a partner with the latter in the pursuit of an activity related to its mission.

Institutional member

Is an institutional member any institution, association, grouping or organization interested in the purposes and activities of the corporation and the corporation is involved in as a partner in the fields of activity related to training or research and development and to whom the Board has granted this status.

Privileged member

Is a privileged member any person or entity to whom the board has granted this status and participates as a partner in the development of the corporation in one or more of its fields of activity, expertise or research . In addition, the member must meet the preferred criteria as may be defined from time to time by unanimous resolution of the directors of the corporation, when they deem necessary or useful for achieving the goals of the corporation.

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For more information about the UAS CE membership, please call 418-669-5104, or email us at [email protected] or fill the form below.

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