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The UAS Centre of Excellence is leading, for the third year in a row, an important Quebec delegation to the UAS trade show Xponential

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The UAS Centre of Excellence is leading, for the third year in a row, an important Quebec delegation to the UAS trade show Xponential

A 3rd Quebec Commercial Delegation to the largest UAS trade show

For the third year in a row, the Quebec government has chosen to position the province in the UAS sector and has worked to send a commercial delegation to XPonential, the largest UAS trade show in America. The UAS Centre of Excellence located in Alma leaded the Quebec annual participation, supported by the Quebec government and Aéro Montréal, an organization working mostly with the Montreal Aerospace Hub. The UAS Centre of Excellence and its partners brought together companies to attend the trade show.

Events onsite

The UAS Centre of Excellence organized a Canadian Networking Breakfast, which was held on May 1st in Denver. Over 100 people from 15 Canadian provinces and American states attended this networking event. The breakfast gave each province/state the occasion to present itself, its companies and later meet with future partners.

The Quebec test site also supported the American and Canadian Commercial Delegates and Provincial Representatives in the organization of a Canadian Reception, regrouping Canadian companies and potential partners or customers from around the globe, to be held on May 1st in Denver. The Consul General of Canada in Denver will attend this event, where over 250 invitees are planned to attend.

Quebec companies onsite

Here is the list of the companies registered to take part in the Quebec delegation. Click on their name to visit their website.

NGC Aerospace

Canadian high-tech SME recognised for the design and deployment of artificial vision, guidance, navigation and control systems for the autonomous operation of space, aeronautical and terrestrial vehicles. NGC aims at making mobile vehicles intelligent by increasing their autonomy, performance, reliability and safety while reducing their operational costs. Their projects include guidance and control systems and sense and avoid technologies.


Professionals involved in aerial suppression of mosquitoes with UAV, the CFR-Innovations’ team has developed a pellet spreader optimized for light drone uses. Its weight, capacity, spreading rate and range allow to spread areas faster, more evenly and at a lower cost than ever. Fields of application of our device are as diverse as mosquito control, seeding, fertilization and vegetation control.


Laflamme Aero commercializes the LX300™, a new multitask unmanned aerial vehicle – vertical take-off and landing (UAV-VTOL). Fully customizable, this new UAV has up to 90 kg of payload. With its tandem-rotor configuration, the M-BARK™ technology and its unique capabilities, the LX300™ is the best suited UAV for military and commercial applications.

ARA Robotics

ARA Robotics is a Canadian company, providing UAV technology to the industry. Our mission is to position our customers as leaders in their industry, by offering dependable and customizable solutions that help increase their productivity, efficiency and enhance the quality of their work and deliverables. We believe in making UAV technology more affordable, robust and easier to control, with the potential to deliver unparalleled performance and consistency, in every mission.


DroneXperts designs, manufactures and operates drones to collect specific data. Our company is the largest distributor, reseller and repair center for DJI products throughout the province of Quebec. DroneXperts offers numerous services to companies in different industries or sectors of activity such as civil engineering, surveying, inspection, audio-visual, environment, agriculture, etc. We provide the knowledge and expertise to design and build specific prototypes and integrate customized instruments and sensors to meet the needs of your industry.


With the explosion of the unmanned systems market, Presagis has innovated new products to respond to the needs of defense and security organizations, drone and sensor manufacturers, system integrators, and those managing the massive influx of GIS data. From design and acquisition requirements evaluation to custom software or hardware-in-the-loop development and all the way to end-to-end platform development, UAV CRAFT has a small and clear footprint and is highly adaptable to your project.

UAS Centre of Excellence

The Centre is an exceptional full-service facility offering world-class opportunities to organizations participating in all aspects of UAS development and operations. Recognized as the testing site in the province of Quebec by Transport Canada, the Centre has been working closely with Transport Canada to establish dedicated airspace to allow BVLOS flights in its 120 000 km2 of UAS dedicated flight zones. The UAS CE is involved in manufacturing, R & D, ground & flight testing, training and maintenance of UAS.

Aero Montreal

Aero Montreal mobilizes the Quebec’s aerospace industry to support its growth and its influence on the global stage. Over the years, Aéro Montréal adopted a strategic action plan that includes the creation of working groups. These working groups are dedicated to six areas of intervention, namely supply chain development, branding and promotion, innovation, human resources, defense and national security and commercialization and market development.

Quebec: The #1 choice for your UAS needs

Throughout the trade show, the UAS Centre of Excellence will promote the Quebec’s test site location and services, including its 120 000 km2 of UAS dedicated flight zones, a unique feature on the international level!

XPonential trade shows

AUVSI XPonential yearly trade shows are the largest, most comprehensive trade shows for unmanned systems and robotics. It’s the spot to find visionary insight, make new connections and uncover next-generation ingenuity. 8,500 thought leaders, including 650 exhibitors, from across the spectrum of unmanned systems and robotics attend each year to share ideas, gain insight and witness ground-breaking innovation. This billion dollar industry from both the defense and commercial sectors gather people from around the world on a 3 day show to learn the latest on policy, business use cases and technology applications.

ARA Robotics to unveil their revolutionary flight controller, SKYMATETM

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MONTREAL, QC (CANADA) – ARA Robotics, a Canadian UAV technology leader, is proud to unveil SKYMATE at XPONENTIAL 2018, taking place May 1 – 3 in Denver, Colorado. SKYMATE is a revolutionary commercial flight controller built for multirotor UAV configurations, dedicated to industrial applications such as 2D/3D aerial inspection and mapping. With many years of flight validationin harsh Canadian weather, ARA Robotics has proven its product’s reliability across multiple recognized companies, including aerospace giants. SKYMATE is now ready to respond to industry needs internationally.

SKYMATE is the culmination of years of research and development and reflects ARA Robotics’ belief that innovation, reliability and safety should be the standard in all industrial drone operations. A unique and dedicated mission managing software is included in the SKYMATE flight controller series, helping transform the planning, simulation and monitoring of complex missions, making them simple and repeatable.

“We are thrilled to introduce SKYMATE, our flight controller technology at XPONENTIAL 2018. It is the perfect opportunity for us to launch the product and to connect with industry leaders looking to unlock the tremendous economic benefits of UAV technology.” says Pascal Chiva-Bernard, CEO of ARA Robotics. “We believe SKYMATE to seamlessly combine advanced robotics technology and professional software tool kits, enabling the industry to foster the use of automated UAVs for aerial data gathering. The high-quality standards in our production supply chain guarantee product performance and reliability, offered at an affordable price to meet the commercial sector reality.”

“AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL brings together the global unmanned systems and robotics community to see what’s now, what’s new and what’s next for the industry. Attendees from around the world depend on XPONENTIAL to identify the technology advances that will catapult our businesses and personal lives into the future,” said Bryan Wynne, president and CEO of AUVSI.

ARA Robotics is dedicated to changing the way businesses view their assets and manage their resources, by striving for constant improvement and technical innovation. As the most renowned unmanned event worldwide, XPONENTIAL is the ideal platform to unveil the SKYMATE product line. Visit booth 1031, May 1 – 3, to explore how ARA Robotics’ wide-ranging UAV expertise can help with your projects. Companies interested in the product or in partnership opportunities can also request a meeting at [email protected]

About ARA Robotics
ARA Robotics is a Canadian company, providing UAV technology to the industry. Our mission is to position our customers as leaders in their business sector, by offering dependable and customizable solutions that help increase their productivity, efficiency and enhance the quality of their work and deliverables. We believe in making UAV technology more affordable, robust and easier to control, with the potential to deliver unparalleled performance and consistency in every mission. Our main goal is to guarantee the quality of the data you gather while offering you the most autonomous solutions. Working closely with research labs and businesses, ARA Robotics collaborates in North American technological research projects focusing on advanced aircraft control, accuracy, and reliability of inertial navigation solutions coupled with different sensors, as well as software to manage UAVs and their data. To learn more about ARA Robotics, visit ara-uas.com

Backed by AUVSI, XPONENTIAL is the largest trade show for unmanned systems and robotics offering exclusive access to a highly-targeted audience of more than 8000 unmanned vehicles and robotics professionals, with more than 725 exhibitors coming from a wide range of high-growth industries over the course of four days. The event features a cutting-edge conference highlighting the latest technology advancements, use cases and policy, networking opportunities, and a trade show floor with the full spectrum of unmanned systems across all domains. XPONENTIAL 2018 will take place April 30 to May 3, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.

AUVSI (www.auvsi.org) is the world’s largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems and robotics community. Serving more than 7,500 members from government organizations, industry and academia, AUVSI is committed to fostering, developing, and promoting unmanned systems and robotics technologies. AUVSI members support the defense, civil and commercial sectors.

For further information:
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Transport Canada issued the first compliant operator SFOC to a company based in the province of Quebec.

On November 17, Arpentage Parleciel, a land survey firm based in New Richmond, Qc, received the first compliant operator Special Flight Operations Certificate. This type of SFOC, less restrictive than a complex or simplified operator type, allow the company to fly almost anywhere in Canada without prior notification to Transport Canada. Arpentage Parleciel becomes one of the first companies, if not the first company, to obtain a compliant SFOC covering all Canadian provinces and territories. Applying to this SFOC required Arpentage Parleciel to prove their compliance on three major criteria: UAV, pilot qualifications and manuals and procedures.

In the present case, the company chose the Infinitejib Surveyor 630. This UAV designed in Ontario for technical data acquisition is listed on the compliant UAV list since May 2016. Its 6 motors in a “Y” configuration enable the aircraft to lift loads up to 4 kg in winds gusting up to 80 km/h. The stability of the Surveyor 630 is making that UAV suitable for professional land surveying operations.

As for training, all the pilots of the company were trained by Spectral Aviation. Based on Transport Canada’s TP15263, the courses allowed Arpentage Parleciel’s employee to gain the required level of knowledge. The certificate provided by the training organization then enabled the New Richmond company to show a solid proof of qualification to the civil aviation regulation body.

Regarding the development of procedures, the New Richmond based company called on the expertise of Spectral Aviation’s team in order to advise and guide them for the writing of an operations manual containing procedures to meet the requirements of a compliant small UAV operator as stated in the SI 623-001. It was then possible for Arpentage Parleciel to operate for several years under the conditions of complex operator SFOC and thus show their high degree of professionalism and their aptitude to carry out safe operations.

Unlike recent incidents involving UAVs being flown dangerously close to manned aircraft, it is encouraging to see companies increasingly concerned about their safe integration to the Canadian airspace and, while aiming for compliancy, being granted more operational freedom by Transport Canada.

Mathieu Boulianne

General Manager of Spectral Aviation