Marc pour site web

Marc Moffatt
Director General
[email protected]

MJT pour site web

Marie-Joëlle Turcotte (maternity leave)
Projects Manager
[email protected]
1-418-669-5105 #5417

Alex pour site web

Alexandre Ayotte
Technical Coordinator
[email protected]
1-418-669-5105 #5107

Émilie Larrivée 2

Émilie Larrivée
Events & Administration Coordinator
[email protected]
1-418-669-5105 #5103

The Board of Administrators

The Board of administrators is composed of 11 administrators elected during General Assemblies.

Host members

Mr. Alain Fortin, President: Municipal Councillor for the City of Alma and President of the Alma Airport

Mrs. Émilie Larrivée, Interim Secretary-Treasurer: Events and Administration Coordinator at the UAS CE

Private members

Mr. Vivien Hériard-Dubreuil, Vice-President: President Director General at Flyterra, a company focused on distribution and operations of UAVs and providing solutions in the mining, gas, oil and agricultural areas

Mr. Kyle Joseph-Hill, Administrator: Managing Director of Sightline Innovation, a company based in Toronto specialized in the management and distribution of real-time imagery to support operational decision making

Mr. Mathieu Boulianne, Administrator: President, Spectral Aviation, a company operating an unmanned vehicle offering particular services for agriculture, the inspection of structures and the  aerial shooting

Mr. Jean Hurtubise, Administrator: Business Development at CAE, world leader in modeling, simulation and training for civil aviation and defence

Mr. Guy Savard, Administrator: President at Hovercam-UAV, a company whose mission is to promote the use of drones in the following fields: industry, agriculture and forestry, public safety, inspections of infrastructures and environment

Mr. Normand Landry, Administrator: Senior Councellor at Explorer Solutions, a leading airport planning and development consulting company with a proven track record and experience in aviation, aerospace, and economic development

Institutionnal members

Mr. Stéphane Lataille, Administrator: Technical Director in Teledetection at the Centre de géomatique du Québec (CGQ), an organization whose mission is to serve organizations by the use and the development of geomatics through applied research, technical assistance and training activities

Mrs. Lyne St-Georges, Administrator: Professor at the Department of applied sciences, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, higher learning institution

Mr. Serge Boucher, Administrator: Director at Centre québécois de formation en aéronautique (CQFA), a one of a kind institution in Canada training pilots