Be the main Canadian reference and a world leader in the field of civil and commercial UAV applications.


Develop an international centre of expertise and innovative services in the design, operations and applications of UAVs.


Leadership – Determination – Community spirit – Rigor

A community of interests involved in aeronautics

Our Centre is a membership organization and partners working to develop, manage and promote a range of services, expertise and skills related to civil and commercial UAV, both nationally and internationally.

The UAS CE offers unparalleled working environment. In addition to the in flight and on the ground tests, the UAS CE provides a component of research and development in conjunction with partners, maintenance and operations, hangars can be used to store or tinker UAVs, on site UAV operators rooms where the training can be provided to pilots and technical staff. Our fields of action also include component manufacturing.

The UAS CE is an exceptional site offering all the necessary services to local, national and international clients involved in one way or another to the development and operations of UAVs.

Who are we?

The Unmanned Aerial System Centre of Excellence (UAS CE) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop an International centre of expertises, services and innovation in design, applications and UAS operations. Our headquarters are located in Alma (QC), however, we offer services on an international level.

UAS CE was created within a particular context:

  • a thriving Canadian and international market;
  • an industry created to develop technologies for civil and commercial services;
  • UAV regulations written at a state level;
  • a public opinion taking shape;
  • the industry needs a R&D centre for in flight and ground operations;
  • an opportune time to develop a range of services tailored to users and developpers for civil and commercial UAV technologies and services.

Our history

Although we have been working since 2008 to complete the project in collaboration with the industry, various government departments and local, regional and provincial communities, the Unmanned Aerial System Centre of Excellence in Alma was launched in May 2011 with active participation  of CAE as a founding partner.



  1. Develop an International centre of expertise offering , directly or indirectly (through various partners) a complete range and  innovative services such as :
    • manufacturing
    • research and development,
    • ground/flight testing,
    • training, counseling
    • maintenance and operations in areas such as platforms, airborne sensors, parts and components for UAS’s, and dedicated infrastructures.
  2. Provide a research site and superior testing including infrastructure, facilities, instruments and air spaces to facilitate innovation
  3. Initiate and / or actively support the development of industry initiatives, ensuring our services meet with the market needs and requirements
  4. Support the development of Canadian regulations by being a key representative of the UAV industry to government authorities and in the dessimination of information in an innovative manner to civil society.


Our fields of action

The activities of the UAS Centre of Excellence are grouped in five (5) fields of action managed directly by the Centre or indirectly through our various members and partners. These fileds of action are : Research and development, ground/flight testing, manufacturing, training and maintenance & operations.

  • training
  • ground/flight testing
  • maintenance & operations
  • manufacturing
  • research and development